Realtek High Definition Audio


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The world's most energy-efficient 2.5G Ethernet solution (RTL8125B/RTL8156B/RTL8226B)
Realtek High Definition Audio

Realtek High Definition Audio

Realtek's second-generation 2.5G Ethernet solution consumes the world's lowest power consumption (<700mW), smallest package (6mmx6mm), and PCIe (RTL8125B), USB (RTL8156B), 2500BaseX/HSGMII (RTL8226B) three interfaces, covering a variety of application requirements, are electric NB/PC, workstation, network connection storage (NAS), docking station (Docking), adapter (Dongle) ), 5G customer terminal equipment (CPE), enterprise access point (Enterprise AP) and other products are the best choice for upgrading 2.5G Ethernet.

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Realtek Semiconductor Corporation (Realtek Semiconductor Corporation) is one of the world's leading IC vendors, design and development of wired and wireless communications network, computer peripheral, and multimedia applications range of IC products.

Products include 10/100/1000/2500M Ethernet control chip/PHY transceiver, 10/100/1000M Ethernet switch/photoelectric converter, SoC/gate control chip, wireless network control chip, and AP /Router SoC, DSL chipset, VoIP, Bluetooth, xPON, Internet of Things solutions, car Ethernet solutions, high-fidelity audio solutions for consumer and PC applications, card reader control chips, network/IP Camera control chip, LCD monitor control chip/TV control chip and home entertainment center solutions.

Realtek High Definition Audio

Realtek is an advanced design expert in the fields of RF, analog and mixed signal circuits, as well as excellent manufacturing and system knowledge, to provide customers with full-featured, high-performance and competitive overall solutions. For more information about Realtek, please visit Download

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